Weaving Spirit


Weaving Group, assembling the bonds of human adventure!
For us, this assembly is an excellent expression of our values and the core of what Weaving Group is all about.

In examining the historical origins of this word, weaving is an integral part of the culture of many countries where we do business, but also extends far beyond.
Among the Greeks and the Egyptians, weaving symbolized a link, of destiny and purpose, embodied by the human form.
Among the Tellem, woven fabric is a form of speech! To be naked is to be speechless.
Among the Berbers, weaving is a symbol of cohesion and balance.
It is both universal and timeless.
By transforming itself, “weaving” has been able to persist and expand its reach.


The weaving is thus the perfect symbol of our daily desire to sustainably “build bridges” between people and between continents, to encourage exchanges and continue to thrive by facilitating the growth of our stakeholders (employees, partners, service providers, etc.).


The weaving therefore embodies the Group’s desire to pull the thread of a shared history, while both acknowledging its origins and looking toward the future. Keep an open mind, adapt to the environment and innovate: such is the DNA of the Weaving Group.


Weaving Group is intended to be the soil in which the finest entrepreneurial stories of tomorrow take root. Since its inception, Weaving Group has advocated strong human valuesan appetite for boldness in business and a distinct taste for conquering new horizons.

In three decades, Weaving Group raised its brands to the rank of market leaders within a variety of sectors spanning industry, services and communication, while keeping the ability to identify new business opportunities.


To date, the group has supported the development of about ten companies across the globe, operating in diverse sectors such as industry, transportation, travel, communications and finance. Among them: GoFast Freight Forwarding, Aigle Azur, HELIFIRST, Raphael Financial Advisory, HELIPARIS, GoFast Travel, and Dagobert.

“Our experience, successes and failures have taught us to be humble in our approach to business. They have also reinforced our belief that we cannot employ a standardized approach to corporate development. We must rather promote a tailored approach to both the organization of the business we’re supporting and its culture and maturity.”


Meziane Idjerouidene, CEO GoFast Group