Dagobert has hands full of new projects

Dagobert has hands full of new projects

Société Générale, Futuroscope, Netatmo and Reed Midem have chosen Dagobert to support them in their communication strategy.

Société Générale selected Dagobert for the production of new generation brand content to be broadcast in all Société Général agencies. The production of those content is renewed on a monthly basis and all year around.

Futuroscope partners with Dagobert to rethink and improve the connected phygital experience within the park: a new graphic charter, content design and production for all screens and orientation tables.

Netatmo the French start-up specialised in connected object has chosen Dagobert to set up an acquisition campaign targeting new leads in France, Italy and Germany. Inspired by the standards of social media, Dagobert will be delivering innovative concepts for the connected heating market.

Reed Midem: leader in organising professional shows/events/fairs worldwide, Reed Midem has chosen Dagobert for the 2018 edition of the Mipim event in Cannes (real estate professional fair): this includes elaborating the communication graphic charter for the event and the production of multichannel content (préciser la phrase).

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