After an extremely rigorous and collaborative selection process, Weaving guides the development of companies, serving as an active and long-term partner for companies and supporting the creation of future leaders in their field.

A key element in our selection process is the nurturing of a close and trusting relationship with the management team. Our presence on the Boards of Directors is systematic, in order to assist companies during the key phases of their development.

Investment conditions

For newer companies, Weaving is involved during the early years of their life cycle, once their business model has been validated. For more established companies, the investment is dedicated to strengthening companies' capital position at all stages of their maturation: from seed money to expansion capital.

Notre positionnement

> Ticket between 500 K€ et 3M€

> Systematic representation in corporate bodies to become involved in the company’s action plan

> A position as leader or co-leader during the financing rounds


Brands we support

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