Weaving is, first and foremost, a dream embodied in a human adventure: that of Arezki Idjerouidene.


The starting point

Arezki Idjerouidene started his career as a travel agency employee. As a hard worker, he quickly advanced within the agency. In 1981 he successfully contributed to the development of a freight department.

Creation of GoFast

He created his own logistic services and transit company, called GoFast. The company then became partly specialized in press deliveries to the Middle East.

Starting point of the Weaving adventure

Facing difficulties during the first Gulf War in 1990, Arezki changed course, focusing instead on shipping industrial equipment to Algeria. In particular, he succeeded in using regular airline services and chartering aircraft from Air Algeria. This is the starting point of the Weaving adventure...

International expansion

Weaving confirmed its international expansion with the opening of G-Fast in Houston in 1993 and GoFast Logistics Transit in Algeria. The company then asserted itself as a freight forwarder by offering customized solutions on international industrial projects.

Weaving created GoFast Travel

A travel agency that began as a Business platform and subsequently developed into a coordinator of tourist trips.

Weaving took over PacaTrans

The Group took over PacaTrans, a maritime freight forwarder and one of the major players in the ocean freight industry.

Acquisition of Aigle Azur

Weaving continued to grow with the acquisition of one of the jewels of private aviation, Aigle Azur. It joined an active air hub, supplemented in 2001 by HELIFIRST (helicopters) and HELIPARIS (a trademark of HELIFIRST offering sightseeing tours around Paris) in 2014.

Creation of Air Protect

Weaving created the airport security company : Air protect.

Creation of ResPublika

Weaving founded the communication agency ResPublika.

Creation of HELIFIRST

Weaving continued its development by the buying out of HELIFIRST in 2011. In 2014, HELIPARIS became a HELIFIRST'S brand.

Opening-up of the Aigle Azur capital

Weaving opened up the Aigle Azur capital.

Acquisition of Dagobert

Weaving expanded its development with an equity stake in the capital of the independent communication agency Dagobert.

Weaving sold out Pacatrans

Weaving sold out its maritime freight forwarder activities by selling Pacatrans.

Stake in the capital of Raphaël Financial Advisory

Most recently, in March 2015, the entity entered the finance sector through an equity stake in Raphaël Financial Advisory Services. This diversification strategy is now very real, with a network of over 1,400 employees.

Sale of Air Protect and stake in Oncovia

Weaving Group sold Air Protect, the company specialized in airport security. The same year, the group took a stake in the e- commerce site Oncovia specialized in selling products to make life easier for people in long illness.

Sale of its equity participation in Aigle Azur

Weaving sold its minority stake in Aigle Azur.

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